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BALDER Business Intelligence

BALDER Business Intelligence is an international business development and economic intelligence company with a unique aid and assistance system for the development of multilateral collaboration partnerships between companies of various public and private sectors and institutions through regional HUBs with transnational and intercontinental deployment.

The HUBs of BALDER Business Intelligence are one of the main catalysts for the development of multilateral cooperation with a consensual and pragmatic approach between various governmental and non-governmental entities, public and private, national and transnational around innovative projects fully integrated into a regional business ecosystem.

Through its regional HUBs in Spain for Europe and Algeria for Africa, BALDER Business Intelligence has put in place schemes that contribute to the acceleration of economic growth through the promotion of foreign direct investment (FDI) for sustainable development which is beneficial for the countries of origin and host countries and is an integral part of an open and efficient international economic system.

BALDER Business Intelligence’s regional HUBs integrated project Foreign Direct Investment promotion programmes encourage the presentation of large-scale investment projects that reduce imports into Africa by using a high percentage of local raw material with an opening up to the local market in a first phase and especially to the export to the EU and generally to the international market of the high added value products generated by these investments.

Promoters of integrated regional projects, public or private, national or international, who want to move from an innovative idea to the concretion and execution of it-here, solicit the services of BALDER Business Intelligence for the development of business partnerships that will lead to an acceleration of the project in an ecosystem vision investors – promoters – suppliers, since the identification and evaluation of potential partners by providing information and offers on-measures, the organization of unilateral and multilateral meetings with accompaniment in the negotiations by the elaboration of cooperation strategies through the search for international means of financing up to the contractualisation based on its rich network of strategic collaborative alliances.

The BALDER Business Intelligence company has a department specialised in economic intelligence, which brings together all the coordinated activities of collecting, processing, analyzing and disseminating information useful to economic actors for its exploitation.

BALDER Business Intelligence organises the pooling of information for the collective performance of the various economic actors. Its multidisciplinary team, structured in economic intelligence ecosystems, combines expertise in research, analysis, security and influence based on the production of structured knowledge and the development of strategic and operational partnerships.

BALDER Business Intelligence supports companies of all sizes, local authorities, national and international institutions to identify as soon as possible the opportunities to be seized as well as the threats to be circumvented by the provision of strategic and useful information based on open information sources, at the right time, in the right person and in the right context to gain a decisive competitive advantage.

BALDER Business Intelligence offers various quality services in several fields such as prospecting, processing and evaluation of economic information through the use of artificial intelligence and legal and administrative support, in a highly competitive environment, to provide better value for money and information